5 Things We Love About Cong TV and Viy Cortez-Velasquez’s Exchange of Wedding Vows

The long wait is finally over! Newlyweds Cong TV and Viy Cortez-Velasquez just dropped the much-awaited vlogs and same-day edit from their wedding day. 

Lincoln Velasquez, a.k.a Cong TV, and Viy Cortez had a stunning wedding ceremony at L’Annunziata Parish in Muntinlupa City on June 17, 2024. 

Team Payaman fans celebrated with the YouTube power couple, who officially became Mr. and Mrs. Velasquez after a nine-year relationship. 

Like their top-trending vlogs, viewers were treated to a roller coaster of emotions, mainly when they finally exchanged wedding vows. Here are some of our favorite parts of their tear-jerking and heartwarming promises for each other. 

Anniversary greetings

Cong and Viy celebrated their wedding on the same day as their 9th anniversary. Despite entering another milestone in the relationship, the couple did not forget to greet each other for the said occasion. 

“Hi, love… my husband. Happy anniversary!” Viy said.

While Cong TV ended his vows with: “Happy anniversary at mahal na mahal kita, Viy Cortez-Velasquez.” 

Simula at wakas

“Simula noong nagkita tayo nine years ago, alam kong ikaw ang magiging wakas ko.”

Do you ever realize that it is already an endgame when you first meet the love of your life? Viy certainly did, and she let Cong know those thoughts during the wedding day. 

Valid ID to Valid I Do

Solid Team Payaman fans surely know about the epic “Valid ID” story. It was when Viy asked Cong “Pakasalan mo na ko,” during their first anniversary  and Cong jokingly responded with: “Wala ka ngang valid ID, papakasalan? Kumuha ka muna ng valid ID bago ka magtatatanong ng kasal dyan!”

Who would have thought that this iconic joke would turn into an epic wedding vow word play when the 27-year-old bride said: “Kung dati sabi mo sa’kin kumuha muna ako ng valid ID bago mo ako pakasalan, ngayon buong buo kong ibibigay sa’yo ang nag-iisang kong Valid I Do.”

Empty to full tank

Cong and Viy’s story is an open book to the public. They are not ashamed of their humble beginning, mainly how they split the bill during dates to spend time with each other. 

In his wedding vow, the 32-year-old groom brilliantly used the metaphor of filling up the gas tank of his rusty motorcycle Warsak to explain how Viy “gassed him up” in life. 

“Pero bukod kay Warsak, hindi mo alam ay kinargahan mo rin ako noong panahong inabutan mo akong halos paubos na rin ang gasolina ng buhay,” Cong said. 

“Inabutan mo akong hingal, inabutan mo ‘kong pagal, pero dahil sa’yo lagi na akong full tank at ganado lalo abutin ang mga bagay at mga pangarap natin,” he added.

Cute promises

Despite spending a fortune on their wedding day, Cong TV and Viy Cortez-Velasquez did not promise the stars and moon to each other.

Instead, they swear to do even the smallest and silliest things for each other, like washing the dishes and happily doing TikTok trends together.  

Watch Cong and Viy’s wedding vlogs below:

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