5 Relatable Heartbreaking Lines from Josh Cullen and Al James’ New Song ‘Yoko Na’

You’ve probably come across the bop music going viral on TikTok lately that goes: “Papalayo sa’yo, paalam na…” Familiar? Yup, that’s our current LSS too!

It is the newly-released collaborative single of P-Pop Star Josh Cullen and hitmaker rapper Al James called “Yoko Na,” which by the way, held the #1 spot on iTunes Philippines five days after its release on March 23, 2024.

But aside from its cool beat and totally danceable TikTok-viral choreography (thanks to Justin de Dios) is a heartbreaking song that talks about the pain of a relationship fallout. (Ouch!)

If you’re going through heartbreak right now, this is the perfect anthem for you because, let’s face it, at some point in our lives, it is better just to say “’Yoko Na” than try to make it work. (Ouch 2.0!)

Now let’s take a deep dive into the top 5 “mapanakit” lines from this unexpected collaboration and ultimate hugot anthem of 2024.

“Lagi na lang hassle pag-uwi, araw-araw away at bati”

Have you ever experienced coming home just to argue like it’s a part of your everyday routine? Spitting words against each other like the rent is due. Totally relatable, right? But isn’t the “araw-araw away at bati” enough for you to call it quits? 

“Kung ‘di maamin sa akin damdamin mo, ako na lang magsasabing tapusin ‘to”

Jimmy Bondoc was right when he said, “Let me be the one to break it up so you won’t have to make excuses.” 

This Josh Cullen lyricism hits all the spots of a relationship-breaking point that is sometimes so hard to admit. (Ouch, again and again!)

“Sinubukan ko naman na magtiis, paulit ulit lang”

Of course, we can all relate to trying to make things work, enduring all the ugly parts, and repeatedly giving each other multiple chances to save the relationship. But when it gets so tiring, you’ll really end up saying enough, a.k.a “’Yoko Na.”

“‘Wag ka nang umasang babalik, baka matuluyan na masiraan ng bait”

This is what you tell yourself when you finally realize that your sanity is worth saving than the f*cked-up relationship that you have. 

As what the 30-year-old singer/songwriter said in an interview: “Kahit gaano mo kamahal yung tao, pero kapag hindi na siya healthy for your system or nakaka-affect na siya with your dreams, your goals and other stuff, siguro it would be better for the both of you na maghiwalay na for the better.”

“Siguradong namimiss mo, pero ang problema tayong dalawa rin mismo”

Who wants to end a relationship where you invested time, effort, money, emotion, and memories anyway? No one! 

That push and pull of emotions of wanting to give them another chance just because you miss all the good times, laughter, and cuddles, only to realize the fear of repeating toxic habits and hurting each other once more. (Ouch 15 Pro Max!)

Watch the official lyric video below:

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