Team Payaman Girls’ Poses That You Can Copy on Your Next IG Post

Beyond the face cards of your favorite Team Payaman girls are the poses that made the way of their photos to the ‘gram.

If you want to upgrade your Instagram feed, you might have stumbled upon the ultimate guide for posing for your next Instagram post.

Vien’s Paparazzi Moment

The ever-gorgeous Vien Iligan-Velasquez tops the list for Instagram pose inspirations with her “paparazzi moment.”

In an Instagram post, netizens were awed by her one-month post-surgery selfie update, where she flaunted not just her pointy nose but also her other gorgeous facial features.

What made this photo seem so extra is when she acted as if a paparazzi took the picture. What a cool way to channel the inner celebrity in you! 

Viviy’s Candid Pose

Who does better candid poses than the one and only Viy Cortez? One of her Instagram posts proves that she’s indeed the candid queen!

If you’re out of posing ideas, why not try a candid pose where you can just walk, dance, or be you, and have your photographer capture every moment for an aesthetically pleasing photo for the ‘gram.

Look Down, Pat!

It’s finally the time to be classy for your next IG post, just like how Pat Velasquez-Gaspar did it on her well-loved Instagram photo.

Apart from her timeless beauty and fabulous outfit, what made this Instagram photo seem so classy is the way she explores different poses, such as looking down.

In this way, Pat could flex her lashes, which we’re sure are from Glam Central Salon and Spa by Pat and Keng.

Like Pat, you can grab your hair upwards, stand still, look down, and have your next IG photo ready to get multiple hearts.

Rock on, Clouie!

If you’re not fond of smiling in front of the camera, maybe giving off a fierce look matches your branding.

Clouie Dims channeled her inner rock star in an Instagram post, where she was wearing a retro outfit sealed with a fierce look, making her look like a real rock star!

Summer Vibes with Abi

Being extra for your next Instagram post is not something you should be ashamed of! Take it from Kevin Hermosada’s gorgeous wife, Abigail Campañano-Hermosada!

Using props like your favorite bag, a backdrop that matches your OOTD, or, in Abby’s case, a bunch of sunflowers to match her floral skirt and vibe is something you can try if you want to level up your poses!

Now, take everything that matches your aesthetic, strike a pose, and have them posted on Instagram for a more authentic photo turnout. 

Which Team Payaman girls’ poses would you copy on your next IG post?

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