From Blow J to Doc J: Junnie Boy Continues His Quest to Become a Recording Artist 

In Marlon Velasquez Jr., a.k.a Junnie Boy’s recent vlogs, the 29-year-old Team Payaman member showed dedication to working on his music career.  

Junnie Boy isn’t just a content creator anymore – he’s an artist ready to make his mark in the music world. This could be the beginning of a beautiful melody! 

Making of “Dalangin”

In his previous vlogs, Junnie Boy documented the creation of his first original song, DALANGIN. During the creative process of “Dalangin,” his new moniker “Blow J” inspired by Filipino rapper Flow G, gained traction online, making fans excited for his upcoming song debut. 

After recording the song, Junnie Boy sought feedback from fellow Team Payaman Wild Dogs. 

Boss Keng praised the song, saying: “Ako, ang masasabi ko… maganda. Para sa’kin, pasok ka!” 

“Sa-soundtripin ko siya pag nagda-drive. Cardi G approved!” Carding Magsino added. 

However, despite these acknowledgments, Cong TV offered a contrasting opinion. 

“Yung chorus, pwede mag-stay kung kayang mag standout nung verse. Kasi parang monotonous siya dun eh. Wala, ano… iisa ‘yung tono niya hanggang dulo,” the Team Payaman head explained.

Junnie Boy agreed to make adjustments based on his brother’s feedback, particularly focusing on enhancing the chorus and adding variety to the verses.  

From Blow J to Doc J

Junnie Boy announced his transition from Blow J to Doc J explaining: “Alam mo kung bakit? ‘Di na ‘ko nagra-rap eh! Tinanggal na eh!”

With Burong noting his shift towards R&B, they commenced recording the newly composed song, promising an exciting release of new music. 

“Ito ang istorya ng lalaking nag [patulong] sa tunay na artist para mapaganda ang kanta niya. Next naten MV na agad”, Junnie Boy wrote in his newly released vlog “REWERK.”

The Remake 

After the brainstorming session about “Dalangin,” Junnie Boy continued pursuing his musical path. 

In his new vlog “REWERK,” Junnie Boy showcased his determination to develop creatively, collaborating with Dionela, a Filipino R&B singer, to improve his new song further. 

They devoted time practicing and making a new song, resulting in a heartfelt masterpiece. 

The songwriters provided a glimpse of the track, a love song showing care and affection for a partner. 

Watch the full vlog below:

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