5 Times Team Payaman Members Star in an OPM Music Video

Social media stars Team Payaman has become a surprising force in the world of OPM music videos.  

From heartwarming portrayals of love to captivating performances, members of Team Payaman have graced the screens, adding their unique charm and talent to various musical narratives.  

Let’s revisit five standout moments where Team Payaman members shone brightly in the vibrant world of local music videos.

Double Take of Giddiness: Cong TV & Viy in Zack Tabudlo’s Hits 

Cong TV and Viy Cortez are no strangers to double duty. The Team Payaman power couple charmed audiences in not one but two of Zack Tabudlo’s music videos: “Habang Buhay” (2021) and the recently released “Pulso” (February 2024). 

Their captivating love and playful dynamic are a guaranteed mood booster, spreading good vibes everywhere. 

A Modern Serenade with “BoKhakha” in Ode to Mars’ “O’ Sinta” 

Team Payaman members Karen Joy Villes (Khakha) and Carlos Magnata (Bok) were featured in Ode to Mars’ music video for “O’ Sinta” (2023). Comprising Odilon Reyes and Martin Patrick Tan, Ode to Mars delivered a contemporary interpretation of serenading in the Philippines.  

This approach to the beloved Filipino tradition highlighted Bok & Kha’s undeniable chemistry, enchanting audiences with their on-screen romance. 

Unexpected Spark in Libre’s “Sana” MV 

Kevin Hermosada, TP member and “Libre” band frontman, saw potential in convincing his fellow Team Payaman Wild Dog Brylle Galamay (Bods) to star in the music video for their 2022 song “Sana.” 

His instincts proved correct! Bods’ charisma shone with Isabelle Delos Santos (Isa), his former love team partner in Yow’s vlog, bringing an extra layer of intrigue. Isa, a beauty queen and talented actress, further amplified the magic.  

Hermosada himself was drawn to their undeniable chemistry, which captivated audiences despite the song’s bittersweet ending.  

The music video for “Sana” reflects the complexities of love during the pandemic, drawing inspiration from real-life experiences. 

A Timeless Love Story with Junnie Boy & Vien in Crakky’s “Hanggang Sa Huli” 

Vien Velasquez and Marlon Velasquez (Junnie Boy) brought their real-life romance in Crakky’s heartwarming music video for “Hanggang Sa Huli” (2021).  

This heart-touching song beautifully portrays unwavering love and commitment, promising to stay together “until the very end.”  

Crakky, also known as Angelo Luigi Timog from the band “ALLMO$T,” delivered a moving performance alongside the couple. Their son, Mavi, even made a special appearance, adding another heartwarming charm to the video. 

Spreading Holiday Cheer with TP Wild Dogs in SB19’s “Live It Up” MV

Remember the heartwarming holiday song from Acer Philippines in 2021? The feel-good music video for the song “Live It Up” featured not just the popular P-Pop boy group SB19 but also the Team Payaman boys! 

Their positive energy perfectly complemented the video’s message of hope, leaving viewers with a smile. 

Team Payaman is more than just a group of social media personalities; they’re a force to be reckoned with within the OPM industry. Their talent and charisma shine through in every project, making fans eager to see what captivating cameos they’ll deliver next. 

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