Unwind, Learn, and Find Strength: Strong Mind Foundation’s First Spiritual Seminar 

Strong Mind Foundation is proud to announce its first-ever Spiritual Seminar. This all-day transformative event will occur on March 23, 2024, at Rosary Hills Conference Center in Silang, Cavite. 

Join us for a day filled with:

Mental Health Awareness
Learn valuable tools for managing your mental health, particularly stress, anxiety, and depression. Strong Mind Foundation’s first-ever Spiritual Seminar also aims to help boost productivity and navigate life’s challenges with a positive outlook.  

Inspiration and Growth
Discover how faith and spirituality contribute to mental well-being.

Community and Support
Connect with others who share your desire to improve their mental health. 

Although SMFC would use spiritual practices advocating for mental health awareness, the foundation’s founder and president, Mr. Rolando Cortez, clarified in his past interview that this is not a religious movement. 

“This is not a religious movement, but I do believe, as the Founder and the President of the Foundation, that the teachings on the sufferings of Jesus Christ in the Cross on Calvary are the source of a peaceful life on earth.” 

Aside from different activities to boost mental health, the Spiritual Seminar will also feature a powerful film based on a true story produced by VIYLine Media Group called “Kutsilyo.”

Attendees will also meet the inspiring individual behind the film and hear the story of overcoming depression. 

A mental health professional will also be present to share her valuable knowledge on the importance of mental health.

Additionally, Mr. Cortez is also expected to discuss the controversial Paschal Seed Mathematical Formula (PSMF), which is said to be an eye-opener to how we live our daily lives.

About Strong Mind Foundation 

Strong Mind Foundation is an initiative dedicated to supporting those struggling with psychological issues. It aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and encourage open conversations about its importance. 

Mr. Cortez’s personal experiences and extensive research on stress, depression, and suicide fueled his passion for this advocacy. 

Seminar Details 

Date: Saturday, March 23,, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Venue: Rosary Hills Conference Center, Silang, Cavite
Fee: P1,500 pesos (covers venue and food) 

For inquiries, contact:
R.B. Cortez
CP No.: 09452232285
Email: rolandobcortez@gmail.com

Tin Piamonte
CP No.: 09957741793
Email: vmg.oic@gmail.com

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