Team Payaman’s Junnie Boy and Vien Highlights the Importance of Vacationing With Your Kids

Content creators and parents Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez of Team Payaman value the time they spend with their kids, and they are not afraid to show it off to their millions of subscribers. 

Occasionally, the Team Payaman vloggers would go on vacation with their 5-year-old son Von Mavi and 1-year-old daughter Alona Viela. Even if it takes fitting the entire home inside their luggage, Junnie and Vien show how important it is to go on a family vacation. 

From Japan to the Beach

Before celebrating the holidays, Junnie and Vien went to Japan to celebrate the 5th birthday of their firstborn son, Mavi. 

In a recent YouTube vlog, Junnie Boy candidly asked Mavi if he enjoyed their Japan trip; the young man happily nodded and said: “Ang ganda,” referring to the country they visited. 

But the heartwarming part was when Junnie quipped: “Anong kakainin natin sa Pilipinas pag-uwi? Tuyo na lang saka gulay ha? Inubos na natin sa Japan yung pera eh!” 

Mavi seems unbothered by the possible scenarios and simply knows he enjoys spending time in Japan with his family. 

Meanwhile, during Vien’s 27th birthday celebration in a beach resort, the mother-of-two explained how important it is to go on a family vacation for their kids’ core memories. 

“Ngayong may mga anak na kami, kino-consider na namin yung mga gustong lugar na puntahan ng anak namin,” Vein said in her birthday vlog.

“Ito talaga yung gusto namin [para] sa mga anak namin. Kasi ito yung maalala nila paglaki nila, hindi yung mga ginagastusan mo sila ng laruan. So ito experience saka memories, kasi ito yung mga nasa core memory nila,” she added.

Benefits of Family Vacation for Kids

While these little family vacations may seem to be a rest day for parents, they have a long-lasting impact on kids’ happiness. 

Several research studies show that exposing children to different experiences helps them to have a stronger connection with their parents. 

According to experts, a family vacation also activates a child’s brain system, which triggers “feel good” chemicals. It also enhances their social skills as they explore different cultures and interact with locals from other places. 

So what are you waiting for? Book that flight, pack your bags, and start making memories with your children.

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