Team Payaman ‘Mahangin Kings’ Face Final Acerpure Mahangin Challenge in Japan

After being declared as the “Mahangin Kings” for winning the Acerpure Mahangin Challenge by Acer Philippines, Team Payaman flew to Japan to enjoy their all-expense-paid trip reward. 

But aside from enjoying their vacation, Cong TV, Junnie Boy, Boss Keng, Yow, and Dudut Lang faced another series of challenges to  become the “Ultimate Mahangin King.”

Final Challenges

Team Payaman competed with each other in six different challenges where only one can be declared as the winner. 

Each player was given a budget of JP¥1,200 to complete each round. For the first challenge, called “Finding Acerpure Mybest in Japan,” the bestie vloggers were tasked to find Acer products with “Mybest” tag and take a selfie as proof. 

For the second round, “Finding Your Way to Hachico,” they need to take a photo of the iconic Hachico statue. 

Cong, Junnie, Keng, Yow, and Dudut also needed to buy a Kimono worth JP¥500 within 15 minutes. They also visited a famous temple to find out about their fortune. 

For the “Finding the One in Japan” round, Team Payaman boys needed to find a foreigner to ride a rickshaw with them. A rickshaw is a traditional “human-powered vehicle” with two wheels, a doorless chairlike body, and a collapsible hood. 

And for their last challenge, each vlogger needs to win a prize in the famous claw machines in Japan. 

Ultimate Mahangin King

Team Payaman boys truly enjoyed their final challenge, but when asked which round was more exciting and challenging, the group had a unanimous answer: the rickshaw challenge.

“Kumbaga lumabas kami sa comfort zone namin,” Cong said. 

“Hindi talaga kasi kami mahilig makipagusap sa hindi namin nakakasama,” Junnie Boy explained. 

In the end, Cong TV was named the Ultimate Mahangin King and won JP¥30,000.

Watch the full vlog below:

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