4 Ways to Enjoy King Sisig in a Jar by VIYLine

A few weeks ago, Cong TV and Viy Cortez launched their newest business partnership with King Sisig and introduced King Sisig in a Jar. 

This latest offering made our favorite Filipino dish more handy, readily available, and affordable. But did you know that King Sisig in Jar’s varieties is not your typical on-the-go ulam?

Check out other ways to enjoy King Sisig in a Jar; we’ll guarantee this will be your new pantry staple. 

Rice Toppings

Because rice is life! There is no better way to enjoy King Sisig in Jar than topping it on a freshly cooked steamed rice. 

“Sobrang sarap!” says Ate Acar – Viy’s trusted babysitter, while enjoying her rice bowl topped with Pork BBQ Sisig. 

What we love about King Sisig in a Jar is you can eat it anytime, anywhere. There is no need to pre-heat any flavor; just simply open the can, get your extra rice ready, and you’re good to go!


Bili na kayo pilikmata este sisig hahahaha

♬ original sound – Viy Cortez – Viy Cortez

Bread spread

Yup, you read that right! King Sisig in Jar is not only suitable as everyday ulam, but you can also enjoy it with your go-to bread loaf or even a hot pandesal!

Viy Cortez admits that she personally likes pairing her King Sisig in a Jar with bread since she no longer eats rice as a part of her diet. 

“So kukuha lang ako ng tinapay, kumuha ka lang ng Mayo (mayonaise), kahit anong klaseng mayo,” Viy shared in a TikTok video.

“Ilalagay ko lang siya sa ating tinapay. Ang lasa nito, parang siopao. Pero mas masarap siya sa siopao, as in! Kung may chicken sandwich, may egg sandwich, may sisig sandwich!” she added. 


Unahan ko na kayo maingay ako ngumuya hahahahaha

♬ original sound – Viy Cortez – Viy Cortez

Nachos Overload

Want to give your meaty nachos a twist? Then ditch those ground beef or pork and use King Sisig in a Jar instead. 

Just like this TikTok user who made her very own Nachos Overload using Pork BBQ Sisig. After pre-heating the sisig in a pan, she placed it on top of nachos paired with mayonnaise, cheese, tomatoes, and cucumber! Yum!


Overload Nachos with PORK BBQ SISIG ng @King Sisig in a JAR 🫶✨ DABEST 😋 @Viy Cortez @Cong TV #sisig #kingsisignowinajar #viycortez #congtv

♬ original sound – Viy Cortez – Viy Cortez

Binagoongan ala King Sisig

Level up your favorite Binagoongang Baboy with King Sisig in a Jar’s Lechon Sisig Bagoong!

Pork Binagoongan is a classic Filipino dish of pork belly mixed in a luscious sauce made with umami-rich shrimp paste. But instead of the usual shrimp paste, try using King Sisig in a Jar’s Lechon Sisig Bagoong for a kick of new flavor. 


Sulit budol by @viy.cortez Binangoongan with talong ft. @kingsisiginajar lechon sisig bagoong 🤤 Must try! #kingsisignowinajar #sulitbudol #extrarice

♬ original sound – Angela – Angela

Try it now!

This is your sign to finally order King Sisig in a Jar and discover why more satisfied customers are raving about it only and placing repeat orders. 

Satisfy your Sisig cravings, and check out your Sisig on the go now! To order, visit King Sisig in a Jar’s official Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop. You may also visit VIYLine’s showroom at  Block 20 Lot 6 San Agustin Road, San Agustin Village, Brgy. San Francisco, Biñan City, Laguna.

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