Team Payaman and SB19 Face Off for Acer’s ‘Acerpure Mahangin Challenge’

Team Payaman and SB19 are once again joining forces for an epic collaboration for their fans to enjoy. 

But this time, instead of teaming up, the legendary vloggers and Ppop icons are going head-to-head against each other for a web series challenge. 

Acerpure Mahangin Challenge

Recently, gaming tech giant Acer launched its new venture to craft technological solutions beyond gaming. 

Through Acerpure, Acer now offers highly efficient technological lifestyle products like air purifiers, cordless vacuums, water purifiers, and more.

To put these products to the test, Acer invited Team Payaman and SB19 to a fun “Mahangin Challenge” web series. 

A video teaser on Acer’s official YouTube channel shows Team Payaman members Cong TV, Junnie Boy, Boss Keng, Yow Andrada, and Dudut Lang against SB19 members Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin.

They will face each other in three challenges featuring Acerpure home essentials, and the winning team will get a free trip to Japan. 

“Brace yourselves for a showdown like no other! SB19 and Team Payaman are about to go head to head in a series of thrilling tasks for the #AcerpureMahanginChallenge, where the winds of competition are blowing strong.”

Excited Fans

Meanwhile, the teaser hyped up solid Team Payaman fans and A’Tin (SB19 fanbase) across all social media platforms. 

@kyatsurinn977: “wooyyy nakakaexcite my two favs nagsama na naman thank you so much talaga acer!!!! sana more collab to come plsssss”

@jxjxbae2430: “Both team are very competitive + trip to Japan pa ang price. Whoever team wins deserve it naman. Can’t wait for the fun & laughter of this friendly competition.”

@markangheloguerrero7380: “Team payaman x Sb19 collab nice collab Stell at junnie boy ay pareho hyper yan Cong at pablo leader”

Stay tuned to Acer’s official YouTube channel and social media accounts for further announcements on the launch of the Acerpure Mahangin Challenge, featuring Philippines’ icons of vlogging and music. 

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