4 Times Mavi Velasquez Turned Into a Viral Social Media Meme

There is no doubt that Mavi – the eldest son of Team Payaman vloggers Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez, has contributed to the group’s popularity on social media. 

Von Maverick Velasquez has captured the hearts of Team Payaman fans over and over again because of his genuine kindness and witty banter with his parents and the rest of the gang. 

But as Mavi grew up, he is slowly becoming a fast-rising living meme that netizens would love to poke fun at. Here are Mavi’s most viral memes on social media.

Fastfood Snaps

When his dad, Junnie Boy, got interested in photography, his instant subject would be his 4-year-old son, whose facial expressions are worth a thousand memes, we meant words. Lol!

While eating in a fast food chain, Daddy Junnie took snaps of Mavi’s candid reactions, which turned into an instant meme. 

Only Child No More

In May 2022, the Team Payaman couple announced they were already expecting baby number two, a.k.a Mavi’s sibling. A month after the announcement, Junnie and Vien held an intimate gender reveal party with family and friends. 

As usual, photographers did not miss Mavi’s epic reaction when it was finally revealed that he was going to have a baby sister. 

“Mukang sa paahan na nila ako matutulog ah!” a netizen quipped

Study First

Mommy Vien Iligan-Velasquez loves documenting Mavi’s milestones and sharing them with her legion of followers. One milestone that she never failed to capture was Mavi’s turn to go to school. 

The 27-year-old mother-of-two would often share photos of Mavi as a schoolboy, but one Facebook post once again turned into a meme showing Mavi’s mood while doing homework. 

“‘Di ko na kaya!”

Mavi’s cute interaction with his 10-month-old sister, Alona Viela, once again turned into a viral meme after he casually complained about his baby sister’s sweet gesture. 

In Mommy Vien’s vlog, Viela could be seen trying to hug her Kuya Mavi, to which he responded: “‘Di ko na kaya. Di ko na kaya magpalambing.” Surprisingly, many netizens could relate to Mavi’s sentiments. 

Mavi, you are indeed a meme superstar! What’s your favorite Mavi meme? 

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