Junnie Boy and Vien Velasquez’s Couple Matchy OOTD That You Can Try With Your Partner 

Who says twinning outfits are only for besties or brothers and sisters? Team Payaman power couple Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez proved that couples could also look cute in matchy OOTDs. 

Aside from giving their viewers good vibes and inspiration through their YouTube vlogs, married couple Junnie and Vien are also a total eye candy when they effortlessly match their outfits. 

Here are some Junnie-Vien-inspired matchy fits that you can try with your partner.

Neutral on point

Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez recently delighted their fans after sharing their aesthetically pleasing matchy OOTD with a touch of cream and khaki. 

The 26-year-old mom-of-two wore khaki cargo pants and paired them with cream knitted long sleeves, while the 29-year-old brother of Cong TV matched it with white cargo trousers and a cream sweatshirt. 


Fit check with my one and only @JunnieBoy 🫶🏻 #grwm #fitcheck #ootn

♬ edamame – bbno$

Fangirl and fanboy in style

When Junnie and Vien attended the TWICE Ready to Be World Tour at the Philippine Arena, they channeled their inner fanboy and fangirl by wearing TWICE merch.

But instead of wearing the exact same pair, the husband and wife went for a black and white muscle tee, jeans, and matchy Nike Dunk Low kicks. Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Velasquez completed their concert fit with a TWICE Candy Bong lightstick. 

Sleek date night

For a formal date night, Junnie and Vien opt for a sleek look wearing an all-black dress and suit. The couple paired it with statement jewelry that made their fit extra sophisticated. 

Cozy couple fit

For their Team Payaman Fair stint last March 2023, Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez delighted their fans by sticking to neutral palettes. They wore comfy outfits as they met and greeted fans and took tons of selfies for the whole day. 

Street style

Achieving a matchy couple fit doesn’t always mean wearing the same outfits or color-coordinating all the time. Junnie and Vien’s street style featuring cargo pants, sweatshirt, flannel shirt, beanie, and bucket hat is a total vibe. 

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