First-Time Mom Pat Gaspar Explores Sensory Playtime With Baby Isla

Playtime is essential to babies’ overall development as it helps them learn about the world through fun activities. 

First-time mom and vlogger Pat Velasquez-Gaspar recently shared how she prepares fun play activities with her 2-month-old son, Isla Patriel. 

Enhance sensory development

In a TikTok video entry, the 27-year-old Team Payaman member happily shared how she spends time with Isla through a fun playtime. 

Pat Gaspar first set up a play mat with hanging sensory toys like a soft rattle, a baby-safe mirror, and more to help explore Isla’s senses. 

“Isla is becoming more interactive,” the first-time mom disclosed. 

She then added a black and white cloth book to enhance Isla’s visual stimulation. Mommy Pat also used a foil to stimulate her son’s touch sensory and auditory development. In no time, Isla kicked the foil while lying on his back. 

What is sensory play, and why it’s important for babies?

Babies like Pat and Keng’s 2-month-old son develop brain connections through play. According to the Cleveland Clinic, sensory play helps young children learn how to respond to different stimuli.  

Sensory play simply means letting babies engage in activities to activate their senses. Some of its benefits include developing language and motor skills, promoting social interaction, helping with cognitive growth, and helping to calm down babies.

So how can you exercise sensory playtime with your babies just like what Mommy Pat did? You can start by providing colorful toys with different textures, shapes, and size that is safe for their age. Slowly introduce them to the toys by encouraging them to touch and play with them. 


Activating senses. ☝🏻👂🏼Playtime with Islaboy! 👩‍👦

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You can also stimulate their senses by providing plenty of skin-to-skin contact, singing songs, or showing a baby-safe mirror to familiarize themselves with their facial features. 

Tummy time or lying on their stomach is also a great sensory activity. It helps strengthen the baby’s neck, arms, and shoulders and builds coordination. 

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