X-Meta Ph, ONGO Smart Advertising Team Up Towards Innovative Advertising

With its commitment to “Discover Quality Life,” X-Meta Ph partners with ONGO Smart Advertising to take digital out-of-home advertising to the next level! 

On Friday, July 28, 2023, X-Meta and ONGO officially inked their partnership through a contract signing ceremony at X-Meta Ph’s new 4-storey office building in Parañaque City. 

X-Meta General Manager John Chen and Chief Marketing Officer Yen Lopena-Padlan were present to mark the collaboration, together with ONGO Chief Executive Officer Jeff Alias and Office Manager Nhari Joy Armado.

X-Meta x E-Jeepneys

Earlier this year, X-Meta Ph expanded its horizon by conquering modernized jeepneys in the Philippines. Aside from malls and other business establishments, X-Meta machines with power bank rental and digital screens are now available in e-jeepneys across Metro Manila. 

The company has activated 24-inches digital screens with power bank rental machines to over 500 modernized jeepneys.

Mr. Chen told VIYLine Media Group (VMG) this effort is their way of solving some of the troubles commuters encounter, such as running low on battery while on board. 

“In addition to assisting the brand in showcasing their advertisement on our modernized jeep screens, yung mga tao inside the modernized jeepney, somehow we wanted also not only to advertise but also to make them entertained,”  the X-Meta Chief Marketing Officer explained.

In terms of advertisement, Padlan is confident that X-Meta digital screens could offer more foot traffic, considering the number of passengers in E-jeepneys and the travel time in the Philippines. 

Next-Level Digital Advertising

Having more than four years of experience in out-of-home digital advertising, X-Meta sees its partnership with ONGO Smart Advertising as a dynamic collaboration. 

ONGO specializes in out-of-home advertising through customized tablets in transportation network vehicle service or TNVS. Currently, they have over 800 digital screens in Grab cars, offering entertainment, advertisement spots, and a USB port where passengers can charge their gadgets. 

“We come in here not to compete but to complete; these are two different things. We must always complement each other,” ONGO CEO Jeff Alias said.

“Someone at home may watch something online, but if they go out, they have to watch something out-of-home. In out-of-home advertising, it covers a lot of parameters; some of it is traditional, there is digital, and that is where we come in, digital on the move,” he added. 

To learn more about how X-Meta Ph and ONGO Smart Advertising could elevate your business, contact mktg@xmeta.ph or (02) 8282 5888 now.

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