Face Mist: Do you need one on your skincare routine?

Waste of money. Just water. Useless. These are some common misconceptions about face mist and its benefits on the skin. With all the skincare regimens available in the market, is using face mist necessary?

Unlike common claims, a face mist is more than just water you spritz on your face. A face mist is a liquid skincare product used to mainly hydrate and refresh your skin. It is versatile makeup must-have packed with ingredients that help keep your skin moisturized, protected, hydrated, and glowing. 

Other face mist offers extra sun protection by including SPF, just like VIYLine Cosmetics’ Dewy Glass Finish Face Mist. Viy Cortez’s go-to face mist is also packed with premium ingredients that fight skin aging, prevent acne breakouts, and even out skin tone. 

But do you really need to add a face mist to your skincare routine? Here’s why:

It hydrates the skin.

While a good amount of sunscreen and facial cream keeps your skin moisturized, it is not enough to keep your skin hydrated all day, especially when you put makeup on and are often exposed to the sun.

Spending time indoors and outdoors for a long time may lead to skin dehydration. Using a face mist is a convenient way to hydrate your skin throughout the day, making your face look refreshed and plumper.

It slows down skin aging.

Skin hydration is the key to having an effective anti-aging skincare routine. Instead of reapplying your moisturizer, why not use a face mist packed with anti-aging benefits?

VIYLine Cosmetics’ Dewy Glass Finish Face Mist is formulated with SPF 45 to help you effortlessly reapply your sunscreen every two hours. It also contains Bearberry Extract, which aids collagen production and hides fine lines and wrinkles.

It soothes dry and sensitive skin.

Contrary to the misconception that using face mist leads to dry skin, it is beneficial to those prone to sensitivity. Spraying face mist regularly on your skin helps calm skin irritation, reduce redness, and heal sensitive skin. 

It refreshes your makeup.

Nothing is more displeasing that seeing your makeup fade throughout the day. Touching up or redoing your makeup over again is such a hassle. That’s when a face mist solves your problem. 

Spraying a few amounts on top of your makeup helps make it last longer, and spritzing it from time to time also refreshes your makeup, giving it a dewy, plump look. 

Take Away

Using face mist is not a waste of money or time; try it, and your skin will surely thank you later. 

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