Here’s How You Can Join Earth Day 2023 Celebration

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A rainy day or even a tropical depression during the summer season is an unusual occurrence in the Philippines. If you feel weird about the cloudy sky and non-stop rain during this time of the year, maybe you should take it as a sign to take part in this year’s Earth Day celebration. 

What is Earth Day?

It is an annual celebration to raise awareness about environmental problems all over the globe. According to Earth Day’s official website, this event aims to call for action to resolve multiple environmental issues facing our planet. 

Every year, over 193 countries join Earth Day by preparing climate awareness campaigns, programs, and activities to encourage people to take care of the world that we live in.

Earth Day celebration is observed every 22nd of April. For Earth Day 2023, EarthDay. Org choose the theme “Invest in Our Planet,” which aims to encourage government offices, institutions, and businesses to take action and responsibility against the climate crisis and promote a green and prosperous future. 

How to celebrate Earth Day?

While April 22 is not the only day you should care about the planet and instead take your part in saving the Earth all-year round, below are some simple ways to join Earth Day 2023:

Switch it off

Minimizing your electricity consumption is an excellent way to prevent hazards to the Earth. You may switch off your lights and non-essential electric consumption for an hour to celebrate Earth Day on your own.

While this tradition is often observed during the last week of March to celebrate Earth Hour, it is never too late to take your part and conserve electricity for Mother Earth. 

Plant a tree

Planting a tree is a simple yet long-term solution to global warming, climate change, and other environmental problems. As the tree grows over the years, it will help absorb carbon dioxide, the main culprit in global heating.

Let the future self and future generation thank you by joining tree-planting activities in your community now.

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