LOOK: Anna Magkawas is Now a Certified TV Host of a Business Show on AllTV!

From luxury bags seller to the CEO of her own empire, Anna Magkawas is now a certified TV host of a business-related show on AllTV. 

Her inspiring success story made the Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group lady boss land her new career as a television show host. But despite this milestone, Magkawas remained true to her core as a woman who hustles and encourages others to seize every opportunity.

Negosyo Goals

It was in late March 2023 when Anna Magkawas told her followers that a network approached her for a specific show. Being a successful entrepreneur of today’s generation, Magkawas is not new to guesting on TV shows. 

But to her surprise, the network wanted her to be a part of a specific show, not for interviews, but as a co-host. 

In a Facebook post, Magkawas shared that she finally accepted the offer to join the AllTV show “Negosyo Goals” hosted by the multi-awarded entrepreneur Gerry Santos, a.k.a. Mr. Freeze Ice.

“Beyond grateful for this opportunity. Never imagined even (in) my wildest dreams that I will be a SEGMENT HOST in a TV SHOW!” Magkawas wrote alongside photos during the program’s press conference.

Negosyo Goals is a 30-minute business program showcasing successful entrepreneurship stories to inspire viewers to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. You can watch the show every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on AllTV.

Magkawas is co-hosting the program with her very own segment, “Ka-negosyo with Anna.”

In a recent YouTube vlog, the 35-year-old CEO shared a sneak peek of her first-ever episode shoot for the said program. 

“This is it! Sa dami-dami ng pwedeng offer’an nitong pagkakataon na ‘to ay sa atin siya binigay,” Magkawas said. 

“Until now hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na ito na talaga yon kasi hindi ako sanay guys. Parang hanggang vlog, hanggang TikTok, Facebook, at Instagram lang ako tapos biglang lalabas tayo sa TV!” she aded.

When asked why they chose Magkawas to be part of the program, Makers Mind Media Production CEO Ivy Ataya said: “You embody yung inspiration, empowered, and still you are very humble.” 

“Kasi the show is about inspiring people naman talaga sa pagiging negosyante, and ikaw talaga yon,” Negosyo Goals Producer Joyce Selga added. 

The Anna Magkawas Success Story

For the first episode of her segment, Negosyo Goals featured the success story of Anna Magkawas, who made her way to success through online selling. 

Magkawas said she did not come from a wealthy family, so she started the entrepreneurial mindset at a young age. She experienced being a student assistant, computer shop attendant, flyer distributor and even selling goods to her boarding house roommates. 

When she became a medical representative and could afford a branded bag, she saw it as an opportunity to double her money. 

During the pandemic, she saw a new business opportunity through her online followers looking for products other than luxury bags. That’s when she thought about having her skincare line, which she was initially reluctant to try.

“Parang feeling ko hindi ko sya forte, hindi naman ako makinis, hindi naman ako maganda. Hanggang sa nakausap ko yung asawa ko, (sabi niya) ‘bakit hindi mo subukan?’” and the rest is history. 

Despite her success, Anna Magkawas never fails to use her platform and business to help others and inspire them to start their entrepreneurial journey 

“Mga Ka-negosyo na gusto ring maging succesful sa larangan ng business na gusto nyong pasukin, palagi nyong tatandaan kailangan may sipag, detereminasyon, focus, at samahan natin ng dasal.”

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