The Party Experts that Made Baby Kidlat’s Christening a Success!

An en grande baptism calls for an en grande celebration! And an en grande, once-in-a-lifetime celebration warrants a full-blown event that would forever etch into our hearts! 

That’s why VIYLine Media Group (VMG), with the help of the images captured by Baby Village PH, breaks down all the companies and organizations that helped the event be one for the books for the youngest superstar of Team Payaman, Zeus Emmanuel Cortez Velasquez, a.k.a Kidlat. 

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Everything begins with the Lord

What better way to start our breakdown of Kidlat’s baptism than to marvel at the beauty and serenity of Viy Cortez and Cong TV’s go-to and personal choice of church for the celebration, the L’Annunziata Parish. The church’s calm vibes matched the occassion, especially the attire of our star, who donned a customized Piña Cocoon barong & Cotton Twill jogger pants by Andrea Mari Atelier.

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VMG also got to speak with L’Annunziata Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Nelson Osorio, who wished both the couple and Kidlat a merry and prosperous life while living in the image and likeness of God. The reverend also gave Kidlat a Last Supper painting as a gift and a reminder that God is always with the family of our beloved couple.

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With Ms. Princess Ramos of Events by Miss P at the helm of the celebration, the ceremony went smoothly, with all the godparents, friends, and members of the Cortez and Velasquez clans enjoying the intimate ceremony, which was complemented by the customized candles designed by Flame of Faith.

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Food, drinks, and more!

Who wouldn’t want to have some refreshments and activities after attending a baptism ceremony? No one! That’s why Cong and Viy got everyone covered with canapes served by Donut Wall by Hazel, grazing the cocktail tables of the guests upon entering the grand event venue of Palazzo Verde.

Of course, like what they say in Filipino, “Kapag may pambara, may panulak!”. That’s why milk teas by Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez, coffees by Premium Grounds, and fruit shakes by Mango Madness Philippines put up their booths so that everyone can quench their thirst before the main course.

As the adults got to refresh and chat with their friends, the kids, on the other hand, were given a chance to play and enjoy activities prepared by TP Kids! And Viy’s newest business venture did not disappoint, as all kids and kids at heart got to enjoy and take home the books and learning materials as a souvenir from Kidlat! 

Likewise, the kids were also allowed to play on a mini-inflatable playground provided by Inflatables by Juliana. Indeed, Cong and Viy made sure that not only the adults would enjoy the grand celebration! Paawer!

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Speaking of grand, have we mentioned how gorgeous the Safari-themed venue was? Only the experienced and sophisticated style of the ever-reliable Mr. Dave Sandoval would be able to pull off such a magnificent ensemble that mesmerized not only the couple but also their guests! 

Cheers and wows left the lips of the guests as they started to enter the venue. Who wouldn’t want to dine in these enchanted halls? It was like a safari fairy tale, after all!

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It ends with a happily ever after

As the guests, family, and friends of Cong and Viy enjoy the program, have luscious lunch, and be serenaded by music, cakes from Honey Glazed Cakes were brought out, and the whole hall serenaded not only Kidlat but also Cong, who happens to celebrate his 31st birthday (as well as their beloved fur pet Cheesecake who celebrates his 5th).

Viy Cortez thanked everyone who attended and celebrated the joyous occasion with their family and even enjoined everyone to his first-ever birthday party! As the guests prepared for their round 2, souvenirs from Arteegram Manila and APB Collection were given as a remembrance of the momentous occasion.

Truly, this family of Cong, Viy, and Kidlat proves that they deserve all the blessings and happiness that come their way. There is no happier and merrier than this fairy-tale ending. At the moment. 

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