TP Kids Storytelling: When traditional storytelling meets the digital age

Listening to epic storytelling is part of everyone’s childhood. We all have experienced being amazed by a certain tale and letting the images live through our imagination over time. Whether a folk tale, fantasy, mystery, or science fiction story, it sure left a space in our minds. 

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of teaching, which allows parents and teachers to grasp a child’s attention. It has proven to have many benefits, including improved language skills, memory boosters, creative thinking, and encouraging learning.

But throughout the years, traditional storytelling has slowly taken the backseat mainly due to the rise of gadgets and video streaming, which could be more convenient to some. That is why Viy Cortez‘s new business venture – TP Kids educational books and toys, tries to bridge the gap between traditional storytelling and the digital age. 

Traditional vs. Digital Storytelling

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A traditional storytelling involves a storyteller narrating a tale to a group of audience using books. The narrator would often use physical gestures, different tones of voice, and facial expressions to emphasize the essence of the story. 

Digital storytelling, on the other hand, uses computer-based or multimedia tools to transmit a story to the listeners or viewers. This approach emerged as both educators and learners adapted to technological advancement. 

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Aside from gadgets, the big difference between traditional and digital storytelling is the engagement of audiences. While listeners of traditional storytelling would have to use their imagination to understand the story, digital storytelling audiences can watch visuals and enjoy musical scores and effects simultaneously.  

TP Kids Storytelling

TP Kids by Viy Cortez recently introduced traditional storytelling through digital video-sharing platforms and social media.  

Through the help of their bubbly narrators Claire and Babbles, kids get to watch and listen to children’s stories in the comfort of their homes. 

This online yet traditional storytelling aims to bridge the gap between both practices and enhance the kids’ imagination and learning capabilities. 

According to TP Kids Coordinator Avy Cruz, more than the revenue, the goal of sharing TP Kids online storytelling is to promote bonding between parents and their children. 

Nowadays kasi maraming parents na busy na kaya ang kids binibigyan nalang ng gadgets para mag mobile games. Good way ang TP Kids Storytelling para magka-break ang parents and kids sa busy schedules nila,” Cruz said. 

“Second, gusto namin na may matutunan na values ang kids sa mga stories na napapakinggan nila. Aside from the usual lessons na natututunan nila sa loob ng classroom, importante sa amin na matuto ang kids ng values na madadala nila habang lumalaki sila,” she added. 

And most importantly, Cruz emphasized that TP Kids online storytelling intended to inspire parents and guardians that they can also educate children through storytelling. They also want the adults to enjoy the process and be able to cherish such precious moments with their kids. 

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