Viy Cortez Cherishes Baby Kidlat’s First Bath with Tiny Buds

For first-time moms, nothing is more exciting than capturing your baby’s milestones. Years from now, you’ll thank yourself for grabbing that phone camera and recording your baby’s every move. 

This is exactly how YouTube star Viy Cortez did as she embarked on her motherhood journey with her firstborn son, Zeus Emmanuel Cortez Velasquez, a.k.a Baby Kidlat. 

Kidlat’s Bath Time

In her birth story vlog, the 26-year-old shared Baby Kidlat’s first-ever bath experience using gentle baby care essentials from Tiny Buds

Since she was still fresh from the cesarean birth procedure, the first-time mom and her longtime partner, Cong TV, observed how the nurses bathed Kidlat. 

Using warm water and cotton pads, the nurse gently wiped Kidlat’s head and body with Tiny Buds Rice Baby Bath rich in gentle ingredients to protect the baby’s delicate skin. 

Kidlat’s baby wash is guaranteed safe for infants like him as Tiny Buds ensures that it is SLS and Paraben-free. The gentle foaming wash also helps maintain the baby’s soft and smooth skin because it is infused with Vitamin B & E. 

Why Choose Tiny Buds?

Viy Cortez told VIYLine Media Group (VMG) that one of the reasons why Tiny Buds earned her trust is because they use safe and mild ingredients. It gives her peace of mind knowing Baby Kidlat will not be exposed to harmful substances that may damage his skin and overall health. 

Furthermore, Viy said Tiny Buds products helped lessen her “panic moments” as a first-time mom. Instead, she enjoys precious bonding time with his son because she is at ease with using products that actually care and understand what first-time parents go through. 

While Tiny Buds takes pride in using nothing but the safest ingredients for every product, they also promote the values through storytelling. 

Those characters in every product packaging are not only for aesthetic, but they also come with valuable stories that teach honesty, happiness, hope, and helpfulness. 

To know more about Tiny Buds baby products, visit their website and official Facebook page

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