Cong Clothing ‘Neighbor Collection’ Available na for Pre-Order!

After the successful and sold-out Embro Series and Uncle Collection, Cong Clothing by Cong TV released yet another wearable item with trendy designs. 

Earlier this year, the clothing line of YouTube star Cong TV took its designs to a whole new level by releasing a limited edition embroidery series. The said collection comprises six different shirt colors with intricate embroidery designs.  

Afterward, the clothing line jumped into the “Uncle” hype by releasing a new print collection in fresh colors such as mustard, brown, army green, and chili red. 

Neighbor Collection 

On Tuesday, May 17, Cong Clothing made the new “Neighbor Collection” available to all Chicken Feet Gang and Team Payaman supporters. 

The new collection is composed of four new designs with the iconic Team Payaman logo in front and a custom design at the back, which showcases the often whereabouts of our friendly neighbor, a.k.a Cong TV. 


Source: Cong Clothing Facebook page

This black shirt with yellow highlights features Cong TV’s current ride, the Lincoln Navigator. According to Viy Cortez’s Toni Talks interview, Cong has always dreamed of having the car brand because it also carries his first name.


Source: Cong Clothing Facebook page

This white neighbor collection shirt incorporated fresh colors of orange and teal. It features Team Payaman’s current residence, the Payamansion 2.0, whose layout, we must say, is very impressive. 


Source: Cong Clothing Facebook page

This design is not your ordinary black Cong Clothing shirt. The back design features the gang’s official tambayan, the Team Payaman Playhouse. 


Source: Cong Clothing Facebook page

Short for “Wheelz on the South,” Cong TV’s vehicle dealership business. The WOTS design is orange color and features the said shop and his cars. 

How to Order? 

Each design from the Cong Clothing Neighbor Collection is worth Php850. To order, visit Cong Clothing’s official Facebook page and check out the authorized reseller in your area. 

The new collection is available for pre-order, which means that your order may take 2-3 weeks of production. Don’t worry because every Cong Clothing piece is worth the wait. 

What are you waiting for? Get your limited edition Cong Clothing Neighbor Collection now!

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  • Hello mga Viviy’s and CongTibe,

    Sobrang gusto ng asawa ko ang merch ni CongTV lalong lalo ang Kidlat Edition, pero yung problema andito kami sa US at hindi namin alam kung paano mag order simula doon papunta dito 😅. Palagi kami nanonood sa mga Vlog ninyo at sobrang tuwang tuwa siya lalo kay Kidlat at Cong (Sorry na Ms.V 😅😂).

    Sana maka reply kayo ☺️!

    – Jeriza & Bailey

    Jeriza August 1, 2022 10:55 am Reply
  • Hello! Super fan ako ni Cong and the rest of Team Payaman members,is there any possible way po to order Team Payaman merchandise,andito po ako sa Luxembourg (Europe) thank you! Sana makareply po kayo..

    Jhove August 10, 2023 9:53 pm Reply

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