Yummy Rice Bowls, Available na sa Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez

Craving for rice meals but got no time to prepare one at home? Worry no more as Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez, now offers rice bowl set meals. 

Yes, you read that right! Aside from milk tea and a wide variety of snacks, rice meals are now available in Tea Talk branches in San Pedro, Laguna, Molino 3, Cavite, and Doña Solenad, Parañaque. 

Rice is a staple food item in every Asian household. Filipinos are used to pairing rice with different viands for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez acknowledges that “rice is life” for every Filipino. That is why starting today, May 18, 2022, you can now purchase yummy rice bowl sets in the said branches. 

Tea Talk Rice Bowl Sets

Tea Talk Pacita, Molino, and Doña Solenad branches now have not just one but three rice bowl varieties to choose from:

  • Pork Katsu Rice Bowl
    For only Php 180, you can get yourself Tea Talk’s Pork Katsu Rice Bowl. This popular Japanese dish is served with marinated pork coated in breadcrumbs, egg, rice, and fresh cabbage. It is best paired with tasty Aioli sauce. 
  • Pork Sisig Rice Bowl
    This all-time favorite Pinoy dish is served at Tea Talk with egg and rice for only Php180. Pork Sisig is a dish made out of pork belly, pork face, and chicken liver. It is usually seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. 
  • Fish Katsu Rice Bowl
    Tea Talk’s Fish Katsu Rice Bowl is perfect for those looking for a healthier option. For only Php 190, you get to enjoy a marinated fish coated in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection, egg, rice, fresh cabbage, and Aioli sauce. 

Buffalo Wings Promo

But wait, there’s more! Starting today, Tea Talk branches in Pacita, Molino, and Doña Solenad will also have a special offer for those who will order their best-selling Buffalo Wings.

For every order of Buffalo Wings worth Php 199, customers get a FREE cup of rice! Because #RiceIsLife indeed! Forget about your diet for a while because Tea Talk’s rice meals will surely leave you wanting more!

How to Order?

Aside from visiting the Pacita, Molino, and Doña Solenad branches from 10 a.m to 12 midnight, you can also order Tea Talk’s rice bowl meals via Grab, Food Panda, and TokTok delivery. 

You may also call or message 0996-705-1789/ (02) 79332699 to place your orders. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez branches near you and tell us how you enjoyed your delicious rice bowl meals!

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