Team Payaman Tips to Become a Professional Vlogger

Team Payaman, headed by Cong TV, is undoubtedly one of the pillars of the vlogging industry in the Philippines.

Their fun, entertaining, and catchy content made the video-sharing platform more colorful than it already is. The vlogger group has also become an inspiration to aspiring vloggers in so many ways. 

Recently, Cong TV’s video editor, Steve, announced taking his journey to the next level by being one of Team Payaman’s content creators.

During his first day as “freshman Team Payaman creator,” the Sri Lankan vlogger took the opportunity to get tips from the vloggers known for their witty materials.

Join VIYLine Media Group as we give you “Tips on How to Become a Professional Content Creator” from the best of the best of Team Payaman!


Yow, a.k.a Waldo, the “OG Content Material” of Team Payaman, told Steve that his vlog characters must have their own voice and gesture. This is based on how Yow made his character Waldo an icon in the group’s vlogs. In the same way, Chino Liu can transform into Tita Krissy Achino and Aling Cely quickly. 

Think Outside the Box 

Boss Keng advised Steve to think beforehand and plan his contents wisely. Take time to brainstorm quality content like games, challenges, or pranks. It is important to have a vision of how each vlog will come out. 

Meanwhile, Yow added that while it is good to plan, a creator must also be spontaneous in his creative ideas. Burong agreed, adding that creators must learn how to go with the flow and act natural as if there are no cameras recording. 

Be Creative

Of course, being a content creator requires one to be creative. But Cong TV told Steve not only to be creative in his vlogs but always try new things to find his own content identity. 

You do you. Don’t copy me, don’t copy anyone you see. You create your own,” Cong TV said.

“It’s okay to get a reference for the first time, but as you move forward, you have to build your identity,” he added. 

Cong TV also said that it is essential for a creator to top his own previous videos and take action to make the next big thing. He also reminded Steve that “consistency is the key” in YouTube vlogging. 

Be Confident

One of Team Payaman’s newest creators, Carding Magsino, told Steve to be confident. He said a vlogger must boost their confidence and remember that YouTube will always be a home for content creators to express themselves.

Start a Business

While vlogging is currently the bread and butter of Team Payaman members, they decided to invest their money in other business ventures. 

Boss Keng told Steve to eventually put his hard-earned YouTube money to sustain his earnings with or without the video-sharing platform. 

Just take it from Team Payaman members like Viy Cortez, who now has her own empire, VIYLine Group of Companies; Cong TV with Wheelz on the South and soon, BigRoy’s Boodle Fight branch; Junnie Boy and Vien with multiple businesses such as Pay-A-Wash, BeRich Water Station, and Giyang Clothing; Boss Keng and Pat with Wagyuniku BF Aguirre

Golden Tip

And last but not least, Steve summarized what he learned from the legendary Cong TV in three main lessons: Keep your feet on the ground, focus your eye on the goal, and stay crazy.

Watch Steve’s full vlog below:

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