LOOK: Viy Cortez Proudly Flaunts Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Viy Cortez continues to embrace the changes in her body as she slowly reaches the final stage of her first pregnancy.

In a Facebook post, Viy showed off the “tiger stripes” that she earned for the past seven months of carrying her son with renowned YouTube content creator Cong TV. 

Instead of seeing her stretch marks as an imperfection, the 25-year-old vlogger-turned-CEO sees them as her baby’s first artwork. 

“Unang drawing ng Kidlat ko,” Viy wrote alongside her 7-month-old baby bump photo.

“Okay lang anak kahit punuin mo tiyan ni mommy basta healthy ka,” she added. 

The soon-to-be mommy explained that some of the marks on her belly were brought by the laparoscopy surgery she underwent last year. 

But as a dedicated entrepreneur, Viy also sees these body changes as an opportunity to develop a new product for her very own skincare line.

“‘Di bale mag lalabas ako sa VIYLine Skincare ng pantanggal ng stretch mark, abangan nyo!”

Source: Viy Cortez Facebook page

The Truth about Viy’s Stretch Marks

In an exclusive interview with VIYLine Media Group (VMG), Viy revealed that while the first sight of stretch marks surprised her, she immediately embraced it as part of her journey. 

“Syempre nagulat ako dzai! Parang kinalmot ng buwaya!” she quipped.

“Pero pagnakikita ko yung (ultrasound) picture ni Kidlat, nakikita ko na sobrang pogi naman nung dala-dala ko, worth it yon! Kahit dagdagan nya pa, kahit punuin nya pa yung tyan ko, okay lang!”

When asked if she felt insecure about it, Viy confidently said: “Hindi, natuwa ako. Sign ng motherhood (ito) eh! So talagang mommy na ko.”

“Meron naman kasi akong Kidlat na dinadala so okay lang. Akma pa sa pangalan nya, Kidlat. Parang na-kidlatan yung tyan ko, dzai!”

Source: Viy Cortez Facebook page

Mayo Clinic describes stretch marks as “indented streaks” common among pregnant women, particularly during the last trimester of pregnancy. 

“Stretch marks aren’t painful or harmful, but some people don’t like the way they make their skin look,” the health website added. 

It explains that stretch marks may fade over time or disappear completely with or without treatment. 

Team #TigerStripes

Meanwhile, Healthline argues that while topical creams can lighten stretch marks, they cannot be removed permanently. 

When VMG asked if she would go the extra mile to remove her stretch marks, Viy immediately teased about the possibility of a new VIYLine Skincare product addressing stretch marks.

“Meron akong pinapa-formulate ngayon na para sa stretch marks at gagamitin ko palang sya para makita ko rin kung hanggang saan yung kaya nyang effect.”

The VIYLine CEO also wanted to inspire fellow first-time moms who feel down with the massive changes in their bodies during pregnancy. 

“Doon ka sa positive side tumingin na parte talaga ng motherhood yang mga changes sa katawan. Ang pinaka mahalaga naman is healthy yung nasa sinapupunan mo. Magiging worth it lahat yan pag labas ng anak mo.”

That’s the spirit, Mommy Viy! And we’re excited to see another game-changing product from VIYLine Skincare!

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