YouTuber Crafts Customized Play Button to Celebrate Cong TV’s Nearly 10 Million YouTube Subscribers

To say that Cong TV’s influence has magnified in the social media world is an understatement. With now over 9.51 million subscribers on YouTube, it is safe to say that Lincoln Velasquez is a true icon in the Philippine vlogging scene. 

Speaking of subscribers, Cong TV is only 49,000 subscribers away from reaching a whopping 10 million subs, which he truly deserves. With the type of quality content he produces and the amount of inspiration he gives to the Filipino people, especially the youth, it is only rightful to award him a legendary 10 million subs play button. 

Custom-Built 10M Play Button

To celebrate this milestone, YouTube content creator Rey Selibio decided to give Cong TV an epic and customized play button, which he built himself. 

Exactly five years ago (2017), Rey met Cong while walking down the street. Cong, who was then with his brother, Junnie Boy, gave Rey a chance to greet his friends on his vlog. 

“Pinapanood ka lagi ng mga tropa ko, baka pwedeng ishoot mo naman ako dyan? Lagi silang nanonood sayo, support ka namin.” Rey told Cong TV. 

In a recent vlog entry, Rey shared to his 5.43K subscribers his journey to crafting a one-of-a-kind tribute to Cong’s success.

The vlogger had to travel 480km from Quezon City to Bicol, Albay, to meet the best sculpturist named Arieto Capacio

The Albay-based artist is known for his still-life creations and his most recent recycled craft masterpiece made out of tires. 

Rey initially planned to look for an artist expert in wood sculpture to turn his vision into reality. But after seeing Arieto’s works, he decided to collaborate with him on this epic project. 

The Design

Rey said he envisioned a design with five key elements:

  1. It should be 3D-looking.
  2. It should be the size of a regular trophy. 
  3. It should include the iconic chicken feet, as Cong refers to his supporters as “mga paa.”
  4. It should have a shiny diamond on top. 
  5. And of course, it should have a “kidlat” or lightning design to symbolize another milestone of having a Baby Kidlat soon. 

Artist Guhit Jess helped Rey with the final design before going to Albay to turn it into reality. 

19 Days Fruit of Labor

In a span of 19 days, Rey, together with Arieto and company, created the legendary play button. They even went to junk shops to source materials and spent days welding, grinding, sculpting, painting, and polishing their masterpiece.

Of course, building such a gem is no walk in the park. The group also faced challenges but they never gave up, just like what Cong TV said before: “‘Wag kayong titigil, ‘wag mapapagod, ‘wag kayong magsasawa! Hataw lang ng hataw!”

Meanwhile, Rey already has the finished product and is just waiting for the right moment to hand it over to the legendary Cong TV. He is also appealing to the viewers to help him reach Cong so he can give it to him personally. 

Watch the full vlog below: 

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  • Kaya natin yang aabot ng 10m yan si kapitbahay cong tv 🙂

    Kym laurenz April 3, 2022 4:39 pm Reply

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