Kasalang Junnie Boy at Vien Iligan-Velasquez, Top Trending sa Social Media!

Yesterday, March 28, 2022, was the most exciting day for Team Payaman’s Junnie Boy and Vien Iligan-Velasquez, as it’s finally their much-awaited wedding!

It only means that everyone’s been excited for the couple’s tying of knots after being postponed due to unexpected circumstances.

But here we are now, witnessing the top trending wedding of the year! Luckily, the VIYLine Media Group (VMG) witnessed the #lifetimeadVIENturewithJUNNIE up close, and we’re glad to share it with you!

Join us as we give you a glimpse of the netizen’s most touching reaction to the new Mr. and Mrs. Velasquez.

Trending si Vien sa Twitter!

By 7 p.m, “Vien” became a trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines, garnering approximately 11,400 tweets.

Screenshot from Twitter

The beautiful bride went viral across social media platforms as netizens were left dropping their jaws with her overall bridal look. 

Vien’s stunning gown, hair, and makeup made her drop-dead gorgeous, thanks to Mark Bride’s Manila, Paul Unating, and Dominic Mangat.

Aside from buzzing about the glowing bride, netizens also tweeted their excitement and emotions during the top trending wedding of the year!

@Gerlyn_JoyBayle: “Eto nanaman ako sa umiiyak habang pinapanuod mga shot clips sa kasal nila Vien [and Junnie]. Ganito na naman last time kina Pat.”

@drunkvien: Vien is such a beautiful bride! I love her. She deserves this. She deserves the world!”

@shayriewynne: “One of the couples I look up to! Your love story is amazing. Congratulations, Junnie and Vien!”

Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter
Screenshot from Twitter

These were just some of the heart-melting tweets from the couple’s wedding ceremony, and it is still being talked about, especially on Facebook!

#lifetimeadVIENturewithJUNNIE: Popular Now!

Of course, Facebook peeps likewise showed their utmost support and excitement for yesterday’s ceremony. 

The topic #alifetimeadVIENturewithJUNNIE became a popular topic on Facebook all day long! 

Screenshot from Facebook

In a post shared by VIYLine Media Group showing the bride’s wedding look, netizens showed their love and excitement for Vien’s overall look. Also, they commented that she has a resemblance with the OG Darna, Angel Locsin. 

Kyla Calara: “Hawig kay Angel Locsin! Napaka ganda.”

Jewel Hontiveros: “Angel Locsin sa unang tingin!”

Do you think she is? Let us know your thoughts!

Screenshot from Facebook
Screenshot from Facebook

Aside from the bride’s overall look, the couple likewise received congratulatory messages from their fans and supporters. 

Riza Buctuan Tesoro: “To be honest, super depressed na ako. Pero noong nakita ko post ni Viy at ni Boss Cong na kasal na si Vien at Junnie, parang nabuhay bigla ang dugo ko! Upload na please! Can’t wait to see the whole prep for the wedding. Congrats Vien and Junnie!” 

Nathalie Jade Indico: “Congrats Junnie and Vien! #alifetimeadVIENturewithJUNNIE”

Screenshot from Facebook

We’re pretty sure the newlyweds are still on a “wedding high” from the love and support of their family, friends, and supporters online!

Want to know more about what happened during Junnie Boy and Vien’s wedding? Tune in for more pasabog na chika! 
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