Kilikili Goals? Achieve yan with VIYLine Underarm Whitening Kit!

Summer is just around the corner! This means it’s bikinis and tan lines season already. Are your underarms photo-ready?

If not, don’t worry! VIYLine Skincare will save the day. Luminous-white underarm and #KiliKiliGoals is now achievable with VIYLine Skincare’s Underarm Whitening Kit!

Dark underarms no more!

Don’t get us wrong, skin discoloration is completely normal. However, VIYLine Skincare knows that confidence is the key to being your authentic self, which explains the birth of the Underarm Whitening Kit.

The VIYLine Skincare Underarm Whitening Kit delivers instant results of whitening and smoothening the armpits without breaking the bank and taking much of your time.

Each set contains three products combined perfectly to give you that luminous-white underarm and instant #KiliKiliGoals for only PHP449

You can also buy the following underarm products individually:

Whitening Mist (PHP299)

After every bath, make sure to spray an ample amount of the mist to help your underarm improve its skin texture, boost its moisture and elasticity. It also serves as an anti-bacterial deodorant.

Underarm Whitening Cream (PHP175)

Apply a generous amount of whitening cream during nighttime to moisturize, protect, and nourish your underarm. Always remember to avoid using the mist and the cream simultaneously.

Underarm Scrub(PHP150)

Once a week, wash your armpits and gently rub the Underarm Scrub to shed off dead skin cells and stimulate collagen synthesis.

Make sure to get yours only at VIYLine Skincare’s authorized resellers online. 

The hype is real!

Of course, the hype won’t be real if there are no proofs! VIYLine Skincare aims to deliver actual results and feedback to its users and soon-to-be customers.

Say goodbye to your costly laser treatments, as the VIYLine Underarm Whitening Kit provides instant results in no time! 

“Actually sa lahat ng natry ko, ito yung effective. Imagine nagpa-laser pa ako dati [worth] PHP25,000 for 10 sessions pero ito ambilis nung pag-puti,” a customer said

Meanwhile, a VIYLine Skincare regional distributor shared how another customer’s life changed because of this underarm holy grail.

Ate, good morning! Nakakatuwa, legit siya pumuti talaga. Ilang days palang ako nagamit.”

Indeed, the hype is real, and it is now finally your chance to join and see the results you’ve been longing for! 

Ready to achieve your #KiliKiliGoals?

Why don’t you try and see the wonders of the VIYLine Skincare Underarm Whitening Kit for yourself? Head on to VIYLine’s authorized reseller’s Shopee, and Lazada accounts to order! 

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