Viy Cortez Pregnancy Update: Shopping For Baby Kidlat’s Clothes

Pregnancy is an exciting time for women, especially for first-time moms like Viy Cortez.

Expecting moms go through ups and downs as they wait for their little bundle of joy. Aside from the journey of carrying the baby inside their womb of nine months, there are other fun moments that pregnant women enjoy, like shopping!

Designer Items for Baby Kidlat

In a recent TikTok clip, the YouTube content creator shared some clothing items she shopped online for her and Cong TV’s unborn son, Baby Kidlat.

The 25-year-old vlogger-turned-entrepreneur wanted no less for her future son. Just like any mom-to-be, Viy would like to give the world to Baby Kidlat, and she started it by giving him the best clothing items a legit celebrity baby could ever have.

Viy Cortez shared some of the designer items that a personal shopper sourced for her outside the country.

Some of the cute baby clothes include a Fendi Playsuit and a baby blue Moschino overalls with a matching bonnet and bib. She also bought the cutest Burberry baby clothes in gray and white.

The VIYLine CEO also explained why she bought clothes in bigger sizes. According to Viy, she does not want to splurge on newborn items as Baby Kidlat may quickly outgrow it.

“Sabi ko talaga ayoko ng pang newborn kasi (ang dami) nagsabi sakin: ‘Naku! ‘Wag kang bibili ng sobrang liliit, manghihinayang ka lang, hindi nya magagamit!”

The Joy of Motherhood

Meanwhile, in a separate TikTok video, Viy Cortez revealed that she had already bought seven dozen clothes hangers to arrange Baby Kidlat’s clothes.

The soon-to-be mom also tried hanging Kidlat’s clothes so she could visualize what his closet would look like four months from now.

“Gusto ko kasi naka-hanger yung mga damit ni Kidlat para hindi mawala yung mga pares na hat. Ang cute!”

The future mommy also excitedly shared why she decided to hang some baby clothes in her walk-in closet.

Apparently, Viy is not only testing those hangers, but she wants to keep seeing the clothing items to remind her of the upcoming arrival of Baby Kidlat. Viy said the clothes never failed to make her smile whenever she passed by the walk-in closet.

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