3 Reasons Why Viy Cortez Chooses Lazada for Her Online Shopping Spree

Looking for VIYLine Skincare and VIYLine Cosmetics? Nasa Lazada yan! How about Team Payaman’s Viy Cortez? Nasa Lazada siya! 

Join VIYLine Media Group (VMG) as we walk you through why Viy Cortez recommends using the Lazada app for your next shopping spree.

Practical Shopping Spree? Nasa Lazada yan!

When the pandemic hit, it was a no-brainer for people to turn to their gadgets to buy necessities as the government imposed national lockdowns. VIYLine’s CEO, Viy Cortez, is no stranger to this shift in shopping medium. 

Lazada makes it easy for consumers to buy products at a lower price through various vouchers, discounts, and free shipping fee promotions. It is also made convenient by Lazada to their customers as they deliver the items door-to-door, limiting the contact of people during this pandemic era.

The Lazada app also makes sure that its customers are aware of the items they are to receive through the various product descriptions given on the cataloged products and through the feedback from consumers. 

In a vlog entry, the vlogger-turned-businesswoman encourages entrepreneurs like her to take advantage of the Lazada app to elevate their business. 

“Napakaganda ng platform na ito para ikaw ay kumita ng pera!” 

Easy Promotion for your Business? Nasa Lazada yan!

Lazada also encourages online sellers to make their voices heard through the app’s various promotions. They empower sellers to put up their online stores and achieve greater online reach than before.

Furthermore, Viy Cortez added that Lazada ensures that their sellers achieve maximum growth for their business through the various advertisements and sales promotions they offer for their partners. This would make Lazada users aware of the seller’s products with a higher chance of actual purchase.

“Si Lazada kasi matutulungan ka din nya na ma-promote ang iyong mga business. Ang laki na kasi ni Lazada, pwede mo ng ipagkatiwala ang negosyo mo sakanya!”

“Yung mga tao na hindi alam ang iyong mga brand or tinitinda, maku-curious sila or makikita nila gamit ang platform na ‘to, so magkakaron ka pa ng mga dagdag na mga kliyente.”

There’s no other way but to use Lazada now!

Viy Cortez also debunked the misconceptions that using e-commerce apps would incur too much cost in their pockets. 

With Lazada, they make sure that the deals would be a win for both parties as they offer minimum charges on the service they provide compared to the high operating expenses that the sellers are to shell out for physical stores.

“Kung iko-compare nyo yung expenses ninyo na maidadagdag kapag kayo ay nag online selling, i-compare nyo sa taas ng inyong magiging benta, mas maganda na na nag-invest ka,” Viy explained.

“Kapag nasa Lazada ka ang magiging benta mo mas dadami! Ang business ay sugal, so maganda mga Viviys mag-risk na kayo sa sigura do!” she added.

Indeed, Lazada makes life easier for both the sellers and the consumers. So the next time you purchase your favorite VIYLine Cosmetics and your VIYLine Skincare regimen, look no further because nasa Lazada yan!

Install the Lazada app now and be one of their patrons or business partners! For more news and updates, follow Viyline.net and VIYLine Media Group’s social media accounts.

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