Team Payaman Girls: An Icon of a Modern Filipina

In celebration of International Women’s Month this March, allow VIYLine Media Group (VMG) to honor the strong independent women of Team Payaman.

They fondly call themselves the “Wild Cats” of Payamansion, and they indeed embody a fierce wild cat with strong will and determination.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Team Payaman girls is an icon of a modern Filipina:

They hustle like a real girl boss

When you look at Team Payaman’s Wild Cats, you could not single out a lady who does not hustle like a real boss.

From the VIYLine CEO herself who created her own empire, Vien Iligan, who juggles motherhood and entrepreneurship, Pat Velasquez-Gaspar, who is now venturing to a restaurant business, down to Kha-Kha Villes‘ multiple TikTok entries to promote VIYLine Cosmetics.

When you look at them, instead of saying, “They are so lucky,” you’ll realize that “Damn, these girls worked hard!”

They are not afraid to speak their minds

We all know that life is not all about good times, and Team Payaman girls are very transparent about their ups and downs in life. 

The so-called Wild Cats are not afraid to show that it’s okay not to be okay. They honor their sadness and failure and are not ashamed to share it with everyone to learn a lesson from their experiences. 

But at the same time, these girls made sure to rise from the occasion and become the stronger version of themselves. 

They promote self-love

TP girls sure know how to promote self-love through their passion projects, self-care, and mental health awareness. 

Through the use of VIYLine Skincare and VIYLine Cosmetics products, these girls also encourage other girls that taking care of oneself is not vanity but a form of self-appreciation and valuing one’s dignity. 

They are empowered women who empower women

The Wild Cats of Payamansion empower their fellow ladies by providing them an opportunity to have a decent source of income amidst the pandemic.

It all started when Viy Cortez empowered her fellow Team Payaman members to invest in different business ventures. 

Eventually, these girls replicated Viy’s action and spread the opportunity among other women, especially those working students, stay-at-home moms, and ladies looking for a side hustle. 

They are a good role model to the younger generation

The Team Payaman girls have already accomplished a lot at a very young age. While vlogging paved the way for this success, the ladies worked their way to achieve the victory that they have right now. 

Overall, they inspire both younger and older women by taking the lead in businesses while taking care of their families.

When you see the comments section of their vlogs and social media posts, you’ll see a pool of girls expressing how TP ladies inspired them in so many ways. 

It only shows that TP Girls are not only an icon, but they use their influence and reach to promote realistic goodness over-filtered perfection.

Salute to the ever-gorgeous, strong, independent women of Team Payaman and all the ladies around the world!

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