Wagyuniku by Pat and Keng to Open Its Doors to the Public Soon!

After the honeymoon, Boss Keng and Pat Velasquez-Gaspar are on to their first business venture as husband and wife. 

In a recent vlog, Pat announced that she and Boss Keng will soon open a food business called “Wagyuniku.”

Wagyuniku by Pat and Keng is a Japanese and Korean Barbecue Restaurant famously known as “Samgyupsal.” It is located at 146 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque.

Join the VIYLine Media Group (VMG) as we walk you through Team Payaman’s newest tambayan in the South.

Largest Wagyuniku Branch

Despite being under construction, the restaurant’s overall aesthetic can still be noticed based on Pat’s latest vlog.

From the wall, flooring, painting, and ambiance, it is no wonder that the soon-to-be business owners are hands-on with their new baby.

Moreover, Mrs. Gaspar herself disclosed that their franchised branch of Wagyuniku in BF Homes is the biggest one yet!

And by largest, it only means that the branch could accommodate more supporters and Samgyupsal-fanatics. With approximately 20 tables, at least 100 persons can have the best Wagyuniku experience!

So plan your food trip as early as now! Don’t forget to tag along with your family and friends to know why Wagyuniku deserves a shot!

Team Payaman’s newest tambayan

If you’re an OG Team Payaman fan, you’ll know that eating Samgyupsal is one of their favorite bonding moments.

“Araw-Araw Samgyup!” This iconic line of Viy Cortez surely made a mark on every Team Payaman fan. Now the whole gang will have their go-to Samgyupsal place, yey!

Wagyuniku is the perfect restaurant for the whole gang, not just because it can cater to a huge group, but also because their food will surely taste good!

Pat Velasquez-Gaspar also shared that this Wagyuniku branch will feature a KTV room, perfect for your bonding moments over Samgyup with family and friends. 

Surprise! Wagyuniku is also a Resto Bar!

Samgyup or walwal is life? Why not have them both? 

The vlogger-turned-entrepreneur revealed that the BF Aguirre branch of Wagyuniku would also serve as a resto-bar. It means customers can also have their favorite drinks while eating Samgyupsal.

For those who want to drink, don’t worry! You’re still welcome and allowed to have your chill nights at Pat and Keng’s franchised branch. 

#GrillsGoneWild indeed! We know you’re also excited as we are! Don’t miss out on any announcements on Wagyuniku’s Official Instagram and Facebook Page to know more about the much-awaited Grand Opening of the newly-wed couple’s new business happening soon.

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