3 Ways to Enjoy Lechon Manok the DON C Style

If you are craving Lechon Manok, take this as a sign to order the juiciest roasted chicken in town, no other than DON C by VIYLine!

This simple yet mouth-watering chicken recipe is a staple Filipino favorite. It is perfect for every occasion and even just for everyday lunch or dinner with the family.  

Out of the hundreds of Lechon Manok brands in the country, DON C by VIYLine is by far one of the best-tasting Lechon Manok in the market. 

DON C Chicken owner made sure to combine the tastiest herbs, spices, and secret recipes to give you that unique flavor that will surely make you crave more. 

And did we mention that it is very affordable? You can buy a whole jumbo roasted chicken for only ₱280.

Once you get your hands on the best Lechon Manok in town, here are some ways to enjoy it the DON C style:

Pair with hot rice and soda

Because duh? Rice is life! Nothing beats matching DON C Lechon Manok with hot and freshly cooked rice for lunch or dinner. 

The juicy flavors from the skin to the bones will surely lead you to that sinful yet worthy extra cup of rice. 

You can also enjoy DON C by VIYLine on the go as its Pacita branch now offers rice meals! For only ₱110, you can reward yourself ¼ chicken, rice, and atsara.

Got a big appetite? Don’t worry, the branch also offers a rice meal with ½ roasted chicken for only ₱174. 

The store’s other rice meal also includes Crispy Liempo for ₱145! (We know you’re already getting hungry!)

Match with DON C Atsara

While DON C by VIYLine chicken is juicy enough even without the extra sauce, your taste buds will surely like its mix of flavors together with Atsara or pickled papaya on the side. 

Don’t have Atsara at home? DON C by VIYLine got you covered as you can add this side dish for only ₱20. 

You can also enjoy the special roasted chicken by combining soy sauce and calamansi as a dipping sauce. 

Turn it into Lechon Paksiw 

Wasting food is a major sin in every Filipino family. That is why we get creative in terms of creating a new dish out of leftover foods. 

While we highly doubt there will still be leftovers from your DON C roasted chicken, you can always turn it into a new dish the next day. 

Lechon Paksiw is one of the most Pinoy ways to reinvent your Lechon Manok. Paksiw means cooking a dish with vinegar and garlic. Put a little twist by mixing the ingredients with your favorite Lechon sauce. 

How to order?

DON C by VIYLine is located at Unit 5 Esperanza Bldg. Pacita Avenue Brgy. San Vicente San Pedro Laguna. The store is open from 10am to 8pm. 

You can also order your favorite DON C Lechon Manok and Crispy Liempo via Foodpanda or TokTok Delivery.

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