Yoh of Team Payaman Opens Up About His New Song “Anong Nangyari?”

We all know him as the OG “Content Material” of Team Payaman. The Waldo who pisses off Aling Cely in Cong TV’s vlogs and love of Tyang Venice’s life. 

But behind his quirky antics and jokes in front of the camera is a man with an overflowing passion for music. 

VIYLine Media Group (VMG) got a chance to chat with the man of the hour, Anthony Jay Andrada, popularly known as Yoh, who recently released his third self-produced song called “Anong Nangyari?”

Passion for music

According to the 31-year-old YouTube content creator, his love for music started when he was still in high school. It was at the height of the popularity of Filipino bands like Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar, 6 Cycle Mind, and more.

“Doon nag start ang pagkahilig ko sa musika and at the same time nag try na akong magsulat ng mga kanta,”  Yoh explained. 

He also revealed that it has always been his dream to perform his music in front of many people. 

“May mga instances nasa tapat ako ng pinto ng bahay tumutugtog ako (habang) nakaupo. It might sound crazy, pero sumisigaw ako sa sa labas ng ‘Thank you all for coming!’ Gumaganon ako, seryoso!”

While Yoh was merely daydreaming at that time, little did he know that he was already attracting his dream to become a performer/ musician. 

“Na-manifest ko siguro, nagkaroon ako ng chance makatugtog sa school. Doon nagsimula yung pangarap ko na sana maging artist ako balang araw.”

He enthusiastically told VMG that everything he had imagined before came true. It was after he became a part of the Coln band (with Cong TV) and eventually formed his own band called Yno. 

“Anong Nangyari?”

On Feb. 23, Yoh released his third composition entitled “Anong Nangyari?” The singer and songwriter revealed that all three of his original songs were inspired by other people’s stories. 

“Ang kwento nito, it’s about a guy na hindi ko na sasabihin kung sino, and there was this girl na ex nya,” Yoh said. 

“One time napanaginipan nya yung girl (ex). Ang nakakatawa dito, kasama nya yung (current) girlfriend nya sa panaginip na ‘yon. Then si girl (ex) kasama rin nya yung (current) partner nya,” he added. 

The weird dream resulted into numerous questions, which inspired Yoh’s latest single. 

“Yun din yung tanong nya sa sarili nya, ‘bakit sya lumabas sa panaginip ko?”

“At the same time kinuwento nya na din na wala silang closure, as in until now, wala silang closure.”

According to Yoh, they were driving along the highway when his friend talked about his dream. He was then inspired to write the lyrics and made sure the song’s vibe fits a chill night road trip moment. 

“Actually wala sa hinuha ko na magagawa ko yung ganung kanta its because nag flow lang sya ng nag flow. Dahil sa mga kinuwento nya sakin, nagtuloy tuloy and nabuo yung structure ng chorus.”

Aside from his Yno bandmates, Yoh revealed that his fellow vlogger, Mayor TV was also instrumental during the creative process of this song. 

Apparently, Mayor TV, who rose to popularity due to his  parody song, helped Yoh in arranging the guitar chords of the chorus part of “Anong Nangyari?”

Going solo?

When VMG asked if he is making music to build his career as a solo artist, Yoh clarified the latest status of his band with Cong TV. 

“Walang namang disband na nangyari, nagpapahinga lang si Coln.”

Yoh added that fans could expect a new song from the Coln band within the year. He revealed that the song, which is currently in the works, will somehow serve as a sequel to their debut hit song “Baliw.”

Meanwhile, with three songs in a row, are we expecting an album from Yoh and Yno band? Well, the vlogger/musician said it is part of their future plans. 

But for this year, they are looking forward to releasing new songs and the official music video of “Anong Nangyari?”

You can now stream Yoh’s current single on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, YouTube Music, and TikTok. 

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