Boss Keng at Pat Velasquez-Gaspar Pinasilip ang Honeymoon sa Siargao

After a very romantic wedding in Nov. 2021, YouTube content creators Boss Keng and Pat Velasquez-Gaspar quickly headed to their dream honeymoon destination in Siargao.

The newlyweds got the chance to spend their first few days as husband and wife in Siargao before the island was hit by a devastating typhoon last December. 

In a recent vlog entry, Pat gave her 1.7 million YouTube subscribers a glimpse of their much-awaited alone time as Mr. and Mrs. Gaspar. 

Join VIYLine Media Group (VMG) as we walk you through the epic and fun-filled experience of Pat and Keng as husband and wife. 

Dreamy honeymoon destination

After tying the knot and sealing the deal, Pat and Keng are off to build their little family through this honeymoon.

In a previous interview with VMG, the newlyweds admitted that they are already trying to conceive a baby. But they are willing to wait for God’s perfect time to become parents. 

Pat and Keng recently had a trip-to-remember that they could surely share with their future kids. Their first trip as husband and wife was even more memorable as they stayed in the breathtaking NAY PALAD Hideaway – a five-star resort in Siargao.

Evidently, the place is relaxing, peaceful, and worth every penny as they offer world-class services from accommodation, food, and tours.

With its accommodating staff and welcoming managers, Mr. and Mrs. Gaspar indeed had a great time. 

“Para silang mga genie. Lahat ng gusto mo ibibigay nila dito” Boss Keng said.

As for the food, we can honestly say that through Pat’s vlog that the dishes were mouthwatering. The couple also enjoyed some adventurous activities, including boat riding and snorkeling. 

The morning after

Ibomba mo, ibomba mo!” Mrs. Gaspar sang as she teased her hubby after their first night together.

Now that they are officially married in the eyes of God and the law, the couple is more open to joking around about their intimate moments together. 

In the second part of their honeymoon vlog, Pat endlessly teased Keng about having a restless night together. 

They even made fun of a candid photo of Boss Keng, who fell asleep on the couch, which only means that Pat indeed knocked him off the bed in God knows how many rounds of steamy intimate moments (if you know what we mean). 

Pat and Keng ended their second night in Siargao with a simple yet fancy dinner and a relaxing body scrub session. 

The rise of Siargao

After spending more time in Siargao during their pre-wedding photoshoot and honeymoon, the island marked a special place in Pat and Keng’s hearts. 

Currently, Siargao Island and its nearby provinces are still in the process of rebuilding and regaining its natural beauty and warmth. 

Since it has been a part of their journey as a couple, Pat and Keng are supporting some fundraising efforts to help the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the so-called paradise. 

Pat and Keng told VMG that they are supporting the relief efforts of Gotmarked Tours and Lokal.lab to help rebuild Siargao. 

Together with Mr. and Mrs. Gaspar, we can help bring back the tourism energy on the island. If you are interested in extending help in cash or kind, the couple encourages you to do so, but make sure to send it to legit organizations. 

Indeed we can all make a change by being united even in our own simplest ways. 

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