How to Deal With Bashers the Viy Cortez Way

Kill them with kindness.

This is how YouTube content creator Viy Cortez handled her most recent (and maybe only one) basher on social media.

Untimely pregnancy cravings

At around 10:30 pm on Sunday, Feb. 27, the 25-year-old vlogger took to social media to share her latest pregnancy cravings.

Apparently, the VIYLine CEO, who is currently five months pregnant, craved the yummy Buffalo Wings from her very own Teal Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez.

In the Facebook post, Viy shared a screenshot of her conversation with her food and beverage business managers, which has branches in San Pedro, Laguna, Molino, and Parañaque.

Since it is past the branches’ operating hours, the CEO pleaded with the managers to ask some of the staff to extend a few minutes to cook the chicken recipe that she was craving.

Bashers attack

While most of her followers (especially women) sympathized with Viy’s raging pregnancy hormones, one social media user did not hold back his thoughts.

“Kalokohan na yan para lang may ma e content.”

But instead of ignoring or blocking the basher, Viy Cortez shuts it down in a very classy way.

“Gusto mo libre kita,” Viy replied.

Most of her followers applauded Viy’s subtle and kind clap back to the basher. Others also expressed their support by telling Viy to ignore the bashers and prioritize the welfare of her baby boy.

Cravings satisfied

Meanwhile, a heaven-sent staff from the Tea Talk Molino branch granted Viy’s wish. He did not mind extending a few minutes to satisfy Viy’s cravings.

On the other hand, Viy also clarified that she did not request the staff to go back to the store to cater to her request.

In a separate Facebook post, Viy shared her conversation with the Molino branch staff, who willingly accepted her request.

The vlogger-turned-entrepreneur rewarded the honorable employee with a generous bonus as a sign of gratitude.

What a roller coaster night for our beloved CEO! Have a safe and happy pregnancy, Viviys!

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