VIYLine Skincare Finally Invades Shopee and Lazada!

Move and giveaway! VIYLine Skincare is on its way to invading your favorite e-commerce platforms!

Starting this March, you can now purchase your favorite VIYLine Skincare products at Shopee and Lazada stores nationwide. And in light of this grand celebration, VIYLine Skincare products will have a welcome SALE from March 1-7, 2022. 

VIYLine Skincare Ivory Instant Whitening Lotion and Diamond Glow Lotions

VIYLine Skincare offers two types of lotions that both promise whitening and moisturizing.

The Instant Whitening Lotion will make your skin visibly fairer upon application. Not only does it provide you with a noticeable whiter skin, but it also maintains your skin’s moisture and adds a layer of protection since it is infused with collagen.

On the other hand, the Diamond Glow Lotion not only provides protection against harmful sun rays through its SPF 50++, but it also maintains the skin’s elasticity and boosts our body’s collagen production.

For a limited time, you can get a 130ml squeeze tube of VIYLine Skincare Ivory Instant Whitening Lotion and VIYLine Diamond Glow Lotion for the cost of ₱370.50 each.

VIYLine Skincare Kojic Acid, Peeling, and Instant Whitening Soaps

For VIYLine Skincare’s soap offerings, consumers are given various choices that suit their skin type. 

Consumers can either have an anti-aging soap that lightens and invigorates the youthful glow of the skin through the use of VIYLine Skincare Kojic Acid Soap worth ₱114

They may also opt for a dead skin remover through VIYLine Skincare Peeling Soap that helps shed off dead skin cells and helps the skin be rejuvenated and be nourished for only ₱133. 

But wait, there’s more! Viy Cortez’s skincare life also offers an age-defying and exfoliating VIYLine Instant Whitening Soap that helps maintain fair and youthful skin for the price of ₱171.  

The discounted prices of these premium soaps are only available for a limited time, so make sure to grab holy grail soaps in authorized Shopee and Lazada stores until March 7.

VIYLine Diamond Glow Kit

The premium VIYLine Skincare Diamond Glow Kit that makes the skin achieve a healthy and natural glow is also available at a discounted price of ₱569.05

This proven and tested kit for all skin types can be used by males and females whose goal is to have youthful, glowing skin.

Furthermore, you can also buy each item in the Diamond Glow Kit separately at the following discounted prices:

  • Toner – ₱189.05
  • Exfoliating Soap – ₱141.55
  • Day Cream – ₱141.55
  • Night Cream- ₱141.55

VIYLine Underarm Whitening Kit

Finally, one of VIYLine Skincare’s best-selling products, the VIYLine Underarm Whitening Kit, is also on sale up until March 7. Those who want a whiter and smoother underarm can avail of the whitening bundle for only ₱426.55.

As a part of the 7-day celebration sale, the VIYLine Underarm Whitening products can also be bought separately at the following discounted price:

  • Underarm Mist – ₱284.05
  • Cream – ₱166.25
  • Scrub – ₱142.50

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Shopee and Lazada now and enjoy VIYLine Skincare discounted products from March 1-7.

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