Reasons why people rave about Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez

Left and right social media posts show why people hype about the mouth-watering products of Tea Talk. Now that Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez, has three branches in the South (Pacita, Dona Solenad, and Molino), many people can attest to this phenomenon.

From milk teas, burgers, and chicken wings, customers can choose from a variety of best-sellers and feel the best experiential dining offered by Tea Talk!

Join VIYLine Media Group (VMG) as we dig into the satisfaction brought by Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez.

It won’t break the bank!

Looking for delicious yet affordable food products? Tea Talk got you covered!

The store’s salivating offerings that range from scrumptious main courses to light snacks and beverages will surely make you crave for more. We bet you’ll never find yourself hungry before you head out.

Costly it might sound, but you can avail these yummy treats starting from P115! You’ll surely get the most out of what you’ve paid for.

“Ang sarap!”

No one wants to pay for something unsatisfying!

Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez doesn’t just ensure the affordability of their products but also the quality of the food they serve.

Tea Talk is known for its signature crafted drinks, and you might want to try it and see for yourself why people crave this!

Aside from drinks, Tea Talk also serves snacks that fit every occasion. All offerings are cooked to perfection, and you’ll surely have a dining experience you won’t forget.

Tea Talk has the best-est owner!

Viy Cortez, the CEO herself, still looks after her businesses despite facing pregnancy blues.

Tea Talk is no exemption. Aside from managing VIYLine Cosmetics and VIYLine Skincare, Viy Cortez ensures the brand’s stability by consistently promoting the business through her social media platforms.

With the continuous operations of the business, the ultimate girl boss and the whole team continues to strategize promotions that the consumers and patrons alike love and support.

A boss babe, indeed!

Want to try Tea Talk Franchised by Viy Cortez?

As the business continues to grow, so do the exciting upcoming happenings in the future!

Events, promotions, and announcements are coming your way. You must keep your eyes peeled for promotions that you’ll find hard to resist.

If you find yourself hungry after reading this article, just head to the nearest Tea Talk Franchised by VIYLine within your area!

Too far? Don’t worry, Tea Talk is also available for delivery via third-party food delivery apps such as Grab, FoodPanda, and TokTok!

For more information, visit the TeaTalk Franchised by Viy Cortez Facebook Page here!

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