WATCH: Bakit Napaiyak si Vien Iligan sa Ginawang ito ni Mavi?

To say that motherhood is a very tough job is an understatement. Many mothers worldwide, whether young, new, or mom to many kids, have their fair share of sacrifices and worries for their families. 

In a recent vlog entry, Vien Iligan of Team Payaman revealed a precious moment with her 2-year-old son, Von Maverick Velasquez, a.k.a Mavi.

The vlogger and entrepreneur said he could not help but cry after watching her conversation with Mavi. The simple yet heartwarming moment was captured by a CCTV camera installed on the family’s bedroom in Payamansion. 

“Pretty ka, Mom!”

In the 2-minute clip, the mother-and-son could be seen getting ready for bedtime. Mavi, being his smart and adorable self, was heard asking her mom a few questions before hopping on bed. 

After a while, Mavi sang a Happy Birthday song for his mom, who just turned 25-years-old last month. 

“Happy birthday to you, Mommy!” Mavi said. 

“Ganda ka. Pretty ka, mom! I love you, mom,” the little boy added, to which Vien responded with a warm hug. 

In the said vlog, Vien said: “Hindi ko mapigilan (umiyak) kasi ang pure ng usap naming mag-ina.”

“Napakalaking bagay na sakin na maramdaman kung gaano ako kamahal ng anak ko kahit ganyan sya kaliit napapakita niya sakin yung love nya sakin and syempre nasasabi nya sakin na maganda ako,” she added. 

Deserve ko ‘to!”

Vien admits that she feels happy to know that she is doing a great job raising their son. She revealed that while she and Mavi would sometimes have misunderstandings, what happened that night is enough to know that her son loved and appreciated her. 

“Ang dami kong iniisip lately, ang dami kong gustong gawin. Napepressure ako sa buhay. Yun lang pala yung magpapagaan ng loob ko,” the sobbing mom continued. 

Vien also expressed how thankful she is to have Mavi. While she became a young mother, she feels rewarded to see that she and Junnie are raising a wonderful child. 

“Deserve ko ‘to, deserve ko ‘tong pagmamahal na ‘to.”

Vien said she wishes to capture more moments like this with Mavi and promises to share it with 2.74 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Vien shares Mavi with her fiance, Marlon Velasquez, a.k.a Junnie Boy, the younger brother of Cong TV. 

The couple got engaged in July 2020 and set to tie the knot last January 2021. However, due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in the country, the couple decided to postpone it to a later day. 

Watch out for Vien and Junnie Boy’s wedding update only here at VIYLine Media Group.

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