Team VMG (Viyline Media Group)

Jan/20/2022 15:59 pm  Tin Piamonte

In every company there’s a group of people that deals with colorful imagination and assigned to think out of the box or
should I say getting out of your comfort zone to create unique masterpieces.

For almost 2 years, I was part of VIYLine dealing with beautiful minds, that helps me upgrade my knowledge in sales and marketing.

One of my greatest experienced was being a part of VIYLine Media Group, requiring fruitful energy and deep analysis
that made me realized that this branch of knowledge is not just about technicalities but also the importance of artistic
side which is one of the important ingredients to make it real and mind-blowing.

Team VIYLine Media Group is now on the process of development, like a toddler, that every day is an opportunity of growth
to excel and create more ideas. It is not just about the content but an overwhelming understanding of visual designs that
consumers may feel comfortable looking and visiting our website.

Our aim is to recognized every part of VIYLine Group of Companies, learn, improve and share this endeavor so that
we can be an inspiration to others that following the footsteps of Viviys and the VGC as a whole
like the small business owners, young entrepreneur and students who are following our Queen Viy
the vlogger and businesswoman.

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