Team Payaman says ‘No Thanks’ to Crab Mentality

Dec/31/2021 18:05 pm  Lea C.

While crabs are definitely mouth-watering and something we craved at times, we Filo knows that being compared to it is not good.

It is probably the top toxic trait there is and nobody wanted to have a friend who will pull you down the moment you climb up. Well, not everyone acts like a talangka, thankfully, and once we get to meet supportive friends with genuine hearts, we treasure them.

With the pandemic hitting the country, we were locked on the confines of our home, adjusting to the new normal. Thanks to CongTV, Viy and the whole Team Payaman, who creatively made contents that lightens the mood of everyone.

With their unforgettable pranks and unbeatable surprises, humorous games and creative short videos, they accompany us and bring a good laugh and entertainment, giving us an escape to the stress of lock downs and quarantines.

It is evident that the whole team is doing what they keep on saying, being supportive to each other, giving a hand when needed and treating each other like family. Hilahan pataas! Well, that should also be the new normal trait we all must have.

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