Dec/29/2021 16:21 pm  Lea C.

“Hi, mga ViViys!” Yup, for sure, you read it using Viy’s intro voice on her vlogs.
It is one of those catchy and easy to remember vlog intros that grows on
you and you just can’t help but to mimic her way of doing it.

With 5.25M YouTube followers (as of this writing), Viy Cortez is one of the
biggest influencers in the Philippines. A lot of eyes watch her every content
laughing with her pranks and humor, crying with her pain, and smiles at
her success. She brings out different colors in her personality and her
creativity and uniqueness reaches many hearts.

But what really draws the audience in her vlogs is her story. She voices out how she overcome her struggles and she never cower
away with challenges thrown her way. With her family and friends backing her up to reach success, she surely makes sure to
inspire her followers in doing the same thing. With the millions of ViyViys wanting to take her path to success, her voice clearly
encourages them to be genuine and true to themselves. Just a usual queen behavior.

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